Viertris 1.1

Rules of the game

Viertris is a combination of "connect four" and "Tetris". The board is one column bigger in relation to "connect four". The game runs in principle like "connect four": Every player puts alternately a piece into the column of his choice. If a player puts minimum 4 of his pieces into a line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal), he earns points, and these pieces are deleted (like in "Tetris"), and the pieces from above fall down.

After the pieces were deleted and the above ones fell down one row, it can of course happen, that again four or more pieces come to lie in a line. These pieces are deleted also. For that you get more points in every step! (look at calculation of points)

The game ends, if all fields are occupied. Test-Games have shown, that this happens very seldom. It can be, that you play for hours, without finishing the game...

Calculation of points

The wit of this game is the calculation of the points. If a player puts 4 pieces in a line, he first gets his basic points added. Then these pieces are deleted and the above ones slide down. In the second step, lines of 4 are searched again and - if found - the points are added to the player. These point now count double! After these lines are deleted, the third step is invoked, where the points count triple, etc... This runs, until the program does not longer find lines of four. Then it's the other players turn, to put a piece.

This may sound a little complicated to you, but you discover it very fast, if you play a few times. Tip: If you build lines of four indirectly, you earn more points than if you make lines directly.

Here the calculation of the basic points:

4 in a line 2 Points
5 in a line 3 Points
6 in a line 4 Points
7 in a line 5 Points
8 in a line 6 Points

The rules of this game were developped by Peter Buzanits, Gerald Karner and Gerold Taisser. The implementation of this java-applet is from Peter Buzanits.

The Source-Code-File is available for free and may be distributed and published without changes. Commercial use of the code is not allowed. The rights for the rules of the game belong to the above mentioned authors.

If you discover errors while testing this game, please send an e-mail with the exact description of this error. Please read the rules of game exactly first, to prevent misunderstandings. If you find a bug, you are mentioned here as tester!

Last change 12. 11. 1996 by Peter Buzanits.

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